Shroom Edibles: The Next Trend

Blue Raspberry Mushroom Gummy (Alice)

So, got to know about shroom edibles from your friends and still don’t know what the fuss is all about? Then, this blog will clear all your doubts. We are going to explore the next big trend.

Youngsters now a days are huge fan of Mushrooms. It’s not just about their taste but the various health benefits that they provide. Even you can find doctors who extolled both their health and nutritional benefits in order to help dispel the common fear of Mushrooms.

There are various researches that show that shroom edibles possess anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, immune enhancing and antiviral properties.

You must understand that not all the mushrooms are created equal. There are a variety of Exotic mushrooms that are now becoming increasingly available on the supermarket shelves. Here are some common types:

  1. Shiitake: From studies it has been observed that this flavourful and readily available mushroom offers cholesterol-lowering, antitumor and antiviral properties. Dried and fresh shiitakes are recommended.
  2. Maitake: It is commonly called as ‘hen of the Woods’. This type comes with anti-viral, anti-cancer and other immune strengthening properties. They are also known to reduce the blood sugar and blood pressure levels. You can even grill maitakes with teriyaki sauce.
  3. Enoki: This type of mushroom is mild flavoured and slender while offering immune enhancing and anticancer properties.
  4. Oyster: This type is less expensive and less flavourful in comparison to shiitakes. But still they are known to offer some protection against cancer.

Then there is one specific type of mushroom called magic mushrooms that are sold raw or dried. These are taken by the following methods:

  • Eating shroom edibles: There are various online stores that offers Magic mushroom chocolates and gummies. These are not only tasty but allows a fun way to enjoy the benefits of shrooms. This can be enjoyed with friends in a social setting or on your own personal journey.
  • Drinking: Some people make tea from the dried mushrooms That comes under the category of shroom beverages.
  • By taking drops of liquid psilocybin: Liquid psilocybin made by extracting psilocybin. It is a naturally occurring psychedelic drug that is found in magic mushrooms.

How Shrooms Feel?

These mushroom offer a very different kind of feeling. It also depends on the type and strength of the magic mushroom and their freshness how the person is going to feel. It’s not that easy to predict which magic mushroom is in trend. Generally, the consumers experience a soothing sensation when they intake mushroom. The objects, colours, sounds and even time can feel very different. Mild hallucinations and visuals are possible as people become very giggly, energized, euphoric, excited and in awe of the people and things around people

It all depends on how much mushroom you are consuming and the surroundings you are in. If you are happy and enjoying the moment then a magic mushroom intake will take your happiness to the next level.

If you too want to buy a specific type of Magic mushroom and you need to consider of the following things.

  1. The strain of Mushroom you want to experience.
  2. The trip experience you want to have
  3. Take advice from someone who has already taken mushrooms.
  4. Pick the right quality
  5. Choose the right shop

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